Pet-Friendly Accommodation in QLD

Rather than parting ways with your four-legged friend every time you go on holiday, why not take them with you? If you’re planning a trip to the Sunshine State, Ingenia Holidays can help you find pet-friendly accommodation in Queensland. Don’t let those sad puppy dog eyes dampen your holiday excitement, and discover the joys of travelling with your pet the next time you set out on an adventure.

From pet-friendly campsites to pet-friendly cabins, our holiday parks have a choice of accommodation for people travelling with animals. However, to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests, terms and conditions apply.

Pets aren’t allowed to wander the park grounds by themselves and must be closely supervised and well-behaved at all times. Animals are only permitted to stay at Ingenia Holidays parks during designated times of the year, and restrictions apply to large dogs. Our pet-friendly accommodation is also subject to availability, so be sure to secure your booking with plenty of time to spare.

Before you get too excited about exploring Queensland with your beloved furry friend, it’s important to contact your holiday park to confirm your pets’ suitability.

Pet Friendly Caravan Parks

Our pet-friendly caravan parks in QLD are perfectly suited to people travelling with domesticated animals. Whether you’re planning to stay in a tent, campervan or cabin, your pets will surely love relaxing at Ingenia Holidays just as much as you do.

Pet-friendly accommodation is available at the following Ingenia Holidays parks in Queensland:

Cairns Coconut

Pets are welcome at Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut during our fur-friendly campaign, which runs from February to the end of April. Please contact the park for more information regarding the campaign’s terms and conditions.

Pet Friendly Camping

Now that you know it’s possible to take your pet on holiday, you can start planning a pet-friendly camping trip!

Here are some tips to ensure your pet doesn’t ruin your campsite’s serenity:

  • Practise careful supervision – Being in unfamiliar surroundings can make animals more excitable than usual. If your pet’s never been camping before, be prepared to keep a close eye on them so they don’t bother your fellow campers.
  • Pack the right gear – From leads and muzzles to toys and blankets, remembering to pack all your pet’s essentials will make it easier for them to settle into their new surroundings.
  • Prepare for extreme weather – Queensland’s tropical climate can be tough on dogs, so make sure they always have a shady spot to rest and plenty of water around your campsite. On especially hot days, letting your pooch cool off at the beach is a great option. Check out the most Pawsome Dog Beaches located near Ingenia Holidays parks.

Discover more Tips for Travelling with Pets and start planning your next pet-friendly adventure today!