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Hello, neighbour!

When you stay at a holiday park, you’re likely to find that your new neighbours are cheerful and friendly – after all, they’re excited to be enjoying a holiday, too!

At Ingenia Holiday Parks, we bring together new neighbours every day so it’s no surprise that we’re big fans of Neighbour Day.

In Australia, Neighbour Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in March every year – this year, on Sunday 26 March.

To celebrate, we’ve pulled together this top 10 list of the best things about good neighbours.

  1. A helping hand: when you’re travelling, sometimes an extra pair of hands can be wonderful when you’re “setting up camp”.
  2. Borrowing a cup of sugar: it’s the classic way neighbours can help – and the lovely part is, you might be able to repay the favour.
  3. A welcoming party: your new neighbours might have arrived at the holiday park before you; they may be regular visitors. Either way, they’re a great source of tips for how to best enjoy the park (as are Ingenia Holidays staff!)
  4. A games buddy: one of the best parts of a driving holiday are the family games and activities. Neighbours can help you make up the numbers – they might even want to play that game of cards that your companion has grown tired of!
  5. Learning about other destinations: share holiday stories with your new neighbours. There’s nothing like word-of-mouth recommendations.
  6. Making friends: sometimes the people you meet in holiday parks become friends for life. It’s up to you. If you swap details, you could be sending postcards or Facebook messages to each other for years to come. Who knows, your paths may even cross again.

At Ingenia Holiday Parks, we’ve created happy neighbourhoods in beautiful locations around Australia. We pride ourselves on what they offer, from the variety of accommodation, to facilities like swimming pools, mini golf, cafes, playgrounds and more. We love to see people enjoy them.

Will we see you this Neighbour Day?



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Ingenia Holidays
White Albatross


Ingenia Holidays
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