New South Wales South Coast Reopening

The NSW South Coast is now officially back open for business and we’re thrilled to be reopening and welcoming guests back to our three holiday parks ahead of this weekend.

Open from 11am Wednesday 15th January 2020:

Open from 11am Friday 17th January 2020

Fire conditions over recent weeks have been catastrophic, the loss and devastation experienced almost beyond comprehension, and in parts unprecedented. As communities moved into recovery it’s been uplifting to see neighbours helping neighbours and mates helping mates. The Aussie spirit is alive and well on the NSW South Coast.

We’d like to offer a heartfelt and sincere thank you to our Ingenia Holidays teams who have worked tirelessly and gone above and beyond as we evacuated and closed our three South Coast Holiday Parks at the busiest time of year. Our same teams have now worked even harder to clean-up and ready our parks to re-open ready for guests.

We’ve had tremendous support from NSW Emergency Services, and would particularly like to acknowledge and thank the NSW Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue NSW, NSW Ambulance, NSW Police Force, and other first responders who’ve been unwavering in their efforts to protect life and property.

Now more than ever the NSW South Coast needs visitors! It’s tourism dollars that’ll help this region recover and allow local economies to flourish and grow. Most importantly it’ll see our friends, family members, and colleagues who call the South Coast home the opportunity to welcome visitors back.

As our passionate and dedicated teams complete final checks we’d like to extend a big welcome back to all our guests due to arrive at Ingenia Holidays Lake Conjola, Ingenia Holidays Broulee and Ingenia Holidays Ocean Lake over the days ahead.

We wish you safe travels and a very happy stay on the NSW South Coast.


Krystal, Tess and Maria.


Krystal Bourke, Park Manger Ingenia Holidays Lake Conjola  

Tess Clark, Park Manager Ingenia Holidays Broulee

Maria Hulm, Park Manager Ingenia Holidays Ocean Lake