School Group Accommodation

Finding school camp accommodation can certainly be a challenge. It needs to be affordable, yet also equipped for a stress-free stay. A location that’s scenic, yet not too far from the nearest city. And of course, activities to keep students entertained throughout the day (and keep teachers from pulling out their hair) are essential.

Ingenia Holidays can provide you with ideal school group accommodation. Our holiday parks are dotted across QLD and NSW, so there are plenty of beautiful locations to choose from for your next school camp.

We have an array of accommodation options to suit different age groups, from primary school all the way through to university. Our cabins provide comfort and affordability, with all the amenities needed to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Why Holiday Parks are Perfect for School Camp Accommodation

There’s plenty of adventure to be had and beauty to be uncovered when you choose a holiday park as your school group accommodation. While children remain in your duty of care throughout the duration of the camp, all our parks are located in safe, secure settings, away from busy main roads.

And of course, school camps should be fun. Ingenia Holidays has a range of activities for kids to enjoy, making it easy to keep them occupied. The facilities on offer depends on the park, but they can include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Playground
  • Tennis court
  • Ball court
  • Mini golf
  • Games room.

School groups also have the option of visiting local attractions near our parks. Apart from being the perfect excuse for a fun day out, this is also a fantastic way for children to learn more about the area they’re staying in.

We know school camp isn’t just about the students. Teachers are spending time away from their own families and deserve to be relaxed during their stay – well, as relaxed as they can be while looking after dozens of kids. This is why our holiday parks also have the amenities and facilities needed for adults to unwind and have a good time.

School Camp Accommodation in NSW

From the beautiful beaches of Bonny Hills and water sports at Lake Conjola, to the unspoiled countryside surrounds in the Hunter Valley, Ingenia Holidays has some of the best school camp accommodation available in NSW.

Discover our complete range of holiday parks in NSW suitable for school group accommodation.

School Camp Accommodation in QLD

The sunshine state has plenty to offer school groups with suitable accommodation in Cairns, Noosa and Hervey Bay. If you’d prefer a beachy setting over typical school group accommodation, QLD never disappoints. Your students will be in for an outdoor adventure they’ll never forget.

Book your school camp accommodation at Ingenia Holidays today.