Circus Oz: Model Citizens

Model Citizens seamlessly blends the risk and beauty of breathtaking physical improbability with theatricality, choreography and Circus Oz's distinct brand of Australian humour.

Stunningly lit and driven by a sensational live music soundtrack, Model Citizens unfolds within a cleverly designed model-kit world that challenges perspective, scale and concepts of normality.

In Model Citizens over-sized, everyday objects are used as unexpected circus equipment that create an intriguing new playground for the all-human ensemble.

Acrobats will back-flip off a giant vertical clothes peg, become tangled in an oversized cotton reel, balance on a house of oversized collapsing cards and fly high in an enormous pair of aerial undies!

Exposing circus skills in unconventional ways, Model Citizens presents stunning group acrobatics with a twist. Model Citizens is a visually and emotionally charged journey by the multi-talented Circus Oz ensemble, which explores what it really means to be a model citizen in today's 'model kit' society.

The Circus Oz Show is suitable for people of all ages and features a live band.

Warning: The show may feature fire, smoke machines, strobe lighting and some course language.


11 Aug 2018 - 9:30pm to 11:30pm


525 Swift Street, Albury NSW 2640

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