Youthful holidays for everyone

You’ll find them in our swimming pools, games rooms, ball courts and playgrounds!

Children and teenagers love Ingenia Holidays – and we love having them here.

We’re all about good times at Ingenia Holidays and we appreciate the energy and fun which young people bring to our parks when they stay. It’s lovely to watch them having a good time and if you’re lucky enough to be included, you can feel young, too!

Adults deserve holidays as a way to unwind from household and workplace routines. In just the same way, holidays are important for children and teens, providing a much-needed break from study, sports, community commitments and more.

When you travel with your children and grandchildren, it also provides them with a wonderful learning opportunity. The close-knit nature of caravan and driving holidays creates plenty of time for you to do things together. Whether it’s “setting up camp”, cooking or discovering the exciting facilities of your holiday accommodation together, children can learn so much and they appreciate being included and given responsibility.

Did you know that ​National Youth Week is coming soon – running from 31 March to 9 April?

National Youth Week is a valuable part of our annual calendar in Australia. It began as a NSW Government initiative in 1989, and has since grown to be a celebration of young people across the country. It’s an opportunity for young people to attend events and share ideas, showcase their talent, take part in competitions, celebrate and have fun.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family when you stay at an Ingenia Holidays park and we’re sure that all of you will look back on these carefree holidays with affection.