A caravanning holiday is truly the best of both worlds. It means getting away from it all – but you can bring your home with you.

At Ingenia Holidays, we understand the joy of caravan and driving holidays. Whether it’s with your family, as a couple or in a casual convoy of friends, here’s what we love about road tripping around Australia…

Time with loved ones

Caravanning is about conversations, card games, preparing meals together, sharing the scenery and creating memories.


A roadtrip is the ideal way to drink in Australia’s vast coastline, bushland, rivers and small towns. Stop and park when something takes your breath away. Go for a walk. Take stunning photographs.

Modern caravans

Today’s caravans can have all the mod-cons including television, dishwasher, ensuites and comfy seats and beds. You can combine creature comforts with a camping adventure!

Bring your life with you

Caravans offer plenty of room for most hobbies. Pack up your arts and crafts, bring a stack of books, pack the guitar and your camera tripod. It’s very different to a holiday with a strict luggage limit.

Making friends

Holiday parks and caravanning hotspots are always a good place to make new friends. Get to know each other, share holiday tips, enjoy some jokes.

The independence

Set your own route and timetable. When you find a place you like, stay longer. If you don’t quite like your view, hook up and go somewhere else. The schedule is completely up to you.

Check out our list of holiday parks sites. We look forward to welcoming you here!