Queenscliff is surrounded by water on three sides, meaning it has a huge coastline, giving it a special appeal for people who love marine wildlife, especially whales, dolphins, seals and plenty of fish!

Because of the large stretch of coastline, visitors to Queenscliff have a better chance off sighting a whale than they might have in other coastal towns. The most common whales in the area are Humpback and Southern Right Whales which are endangered marine species, making  it all the more special when you spot one. At this time of year (between May and October), these two whale species often turn up in the area – along with other whale species and plenty of dolphins. But what do you need to do to see them?

When do I go?

Especially in Australian winter (June, July August), the chances of seeing whales in Queenscliff are very good. In winter, whales migrate from Antartica after the mothers have given birth to calves. They will be on their way to Queensland and this takes them right past Queenscliff.

Where do I go?

Queenscliff is a great starting point to explore the Great Ocean Road (where there are plenty more whale sightings). Visitors and locals alike are encouraged to record their whale sightings along the road so other people will know where to go to see whales. In Queenscliff, you might be able to sight the whales from several of the beaches or jump on board the ferry to Sorrento and keep an eye out from the top deck. Boat tours also operate out of Queenscliff Harbour including South Bay Eco Tours and Sea All Dolphin Swims, offering you a close encounter with any whales that might be nearby. The tours are not only great to spot whales; you will also see some beautiful scenery, seals, dolphins and learn about Queenscliff’s military history.

Remember, whale watching is a game of patience but it’s all worth it to see these amazing creatures in their natural environment – it truly is an unforgettable experience! 

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