Australia is chockers with natural beauty, making it a great place to pitch a tent. But if you’re looking to sleep under the stars for the first time, there are a few camping necessities you’ll need to make it through the night. Make your camping trip memorable for all the right reasons with our first-time camping tips.

Find the Perfect Campsite

Deciding where to pitch your tent can make or break your camping trip. But how do you know when you’ve found the perfect campsite?

Keep an eye out for these key campsite features:

  • Shade – Avoid getting overheated during your camping trip by finding somewhere shady to set up camp. Just be careful with putting your tent up under a tree – drop bears might be a myth, but dropped branches pose a very real threat to anyone sleeping outdoors.
  • Level ground – No matter how many pillows and blankets you bring on your camping trip, nothing can save you from the discomfort of sleeping on a slope. To keep all the blood from running to your head during the night, always pitch your tent on a flat surface.
  • Neighbours – Keep an eye out for other people when choosing a campsite. There’s nothing worse than being woken up in the middle of the night by campfire singalongs. 

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Be Prepared 

It pays to be prepared when sleeping under the stars. We’re not saying you need to go out and spend thousands of dollars on camping equipment, but compiling a list of camping necessities will ensure you don’t leave anything important behind.

If you don’t know where to start when packing for your camping trip, stock up on the following basic supplies:

  • Tent – Be sure to choose a size that can fit everyone comfortably
  • Sleeping gear – Blow up mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags and blankets will help you get a good night’s sleep
  • Food and drink – Packing plenty of snacks and ingredients for meals means you won’t go hungry
  • Kitchen utensils – Bring knives, forks, plates and cups so you actually have something to eat your food with (avoid broken china and glass by investing in reusable plastic utensils)
  • Shelter – Keeping a gazebo or tarp handy will give you somewhere to escape the glare of the sun or water damage during bad weather
  • Seating – Sitting back and admiring the scenery is one of the best things about camping, so be sure to pack a comfy foldout chair
  • Entertainment – Surfboards, fishing gear or a good book will add to the enjoyment of your camping trip.

Even if you’re confident you’ve got enough gear, don’t just chuck everything in the boot of your car and hope for the best. Practice makes perfect, so always pitch your tent in your backyard before leaving for your camping trip. This will also allow you to check whether it has any holes or broken zips.

Quick Tips 

Remember these tips to guarantee your first camping trip goes according to plan:

  • Make the most of your campsite’s facilities. From power outlets to public BBQs, campsites come with all kinds of handy facilities these days.
  • If you’re hoping to bring your furry friend along, check whether your campsite is pet-friendly.
  • Clean up after yourself to avoid being labelled a litterbug (and potentially copping a fine).
  • Check the weather forecast. Keeping a close eye out for rain will give you plenty of time to prepare for bad weather.
  • Pack insect repellent to keep the mozzies at bay.

Now you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to get keen for your first ever camping trip! If you’d like to read more camping advice, Ingenia Holidays has you covered – take a look at our tips on how to keep cool while camping.