Australia Day is the perfect time to get together with the family or invite your mates over for a barbeque and soak up the last of summer while you celebrate all things ‘Australia’. If you’re still planning your Australia Day menu, we have you covered with a line-up of delicious and easy recipes for your celebration.



You can’t have Australia Day without the classic damper. This basic damper recipe is an easy addition to your menu and delicious served with butter and golden syrup. If you want to change it up, try adding other ingredients such as chives, cheese or herbs to give it a savoury spin.

Fairy bread

While most people outside Australia don’t quite ‘get’ fairy bread, it is a nostalgic favourite with both kids and adults. Spread white bread with butter and sprinkle with hundreds and thousands. For an extra bit of festive spirit cut the bread out with an Australia shaped cookie cutter.

Homemade sausage rolls

There is nothing quite like tucking into fresh homemade sausage rolls straight from the oven. Cut smaller they are a great snack or leave them larger as an easy lunch option. Don’t forget the tomato and barbeque sauce to serve.

Cob loaf dip

This blast from the past is making a comeback and is a popular addition to any party. There are about as many variations of cob loaf as there are cooks making them but some of the most popular include cold spinach dip cob and hot and gooey bacon and cheese cob.


Lamb cutlets

In recent years lamb has become the go-to meat for Aussie Day celebrations. For a fresh spin, try this recipe for lamb cutlets with salsa verde. It is quick and easy to prepare and works great on the barbeque.

Chilli and lime prawns

Give your seafood an extra kick with this tasty chilli and lime king prawns with chipotle mayo recipe. The smooth and smoky mayo and zingy prawns make this the perfect finger licking combo.

Kangaroo meat pie

What’s more Aussie than a meat pie? A kangaroo meat pie! Check out this recipe for kangaroo, mushroom and dark ale pies. The rich ale and mushroom flavours in the gravy perfectly off set the gamey meat to create a true Aussie classic.



While the debate rages on as to whether Pavlovas are an Australian or New Zealand creation, there is no denying that they are the perfect summer time dessert. Try out this recipe for the perfect pavlova, the topping can be customised to suit your taste including mango, passionfruit, pineapple, berries, banana or even some shaved chocolate if you’re feeling indulgent.

Golden Gaytime Semifredo

Golden Gaytimes are a much loved Aussie summer classic and this indulgent Golden Gaytime semifreddo ice-cream cake takes them to a whole new level. Best of all it can be prepared in advance, so on the day you just get to enjoy.

Tim Tam cheese cake

Isn’t everything better in life with Tim Tams? Try this easy and delicious Tim Tam cheesecake for the ultimate Australia Day dessert (and maybe grab a spare packet to snack on while you’re cooking).

Summer cocktails

Green ’n’ gold beer punch

If you’re looking for something new to add to your bar repertoire give the green ‘n’ gold beer punch a go. This refreshing beer based drink is perfect for a hot summer day and you might even be able to tempt those committed beer drinkers to give it a try.

Watermelon vodka slushie

This quick and easy blender cocktail is part drink and part dessert. Watermelon vodka slushies are a great party drink as you can whip up a big batch in just a couple minutes.

Aussie Sangria

This Aussie sangria recipe is a refreshing twist on the classic sangria, incorporating ginger beer, liqueurs and lime juice.

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