Why limit yourself to one holiday destination when you can explore a whole region in a campervan.

There’s nothing quite as freeing as the feeling of hitting the open road knowing that new and exciting adventures await around every corner. We think you’ll enjoy every minute, but if you need more convincing, here are five great reasons to choose a campervan road trip for your next holiday.

1. Comfort & convenience

If you’re looking for an ‘outdoorsy’ adventure with a touch more comfort than camping, you’ll find a campervan is a big upgrade. Most family size vans have great kitchen set ups, including a microwave and fridge/freezer, so there’s no need to find an endless supply of ice for the esky. They also have heating and air conditioning so you can keep your cool even in the middle of summer. There’s also no need to brave the outdoors for those middle of the night emergencies when the van comes with its own en suite.

2. Unpack once

Holidays where you get to enjoy more than one destination are great, packing and unpacking multiple times… not so much. On a campervan holiday, you can wake up to a different view every single day if you choose, but you only ever have to unpack once. They also have a lot more room than your car, so you can afford to pack a few extra bits and bobs to make your holiday more enjoyable.

3. Hassle-free

Unlike long car trips, a campervan avoids many common on-the-road grumbles. With belted seats at the dining table, you can lay out colouring books and games so you never have to hear “I’m bored.” At the first murmurs of “I’m hungry” you can stop and knock-up a sandwich. And no-one has to “just hold it in” when you have a toilet on board. As an added bonus, you can switch from driving to relaxing within minutes of arrival at your holiday park. No pitching a tent and setting up camp in the dark required, simply park, plug-in and you’re done.

4. Affordable

Campervans represent great value for money, with your transport and accommodation for the whole family rolled into in one. With Ingenia Holiday Parks powered van sites costing as little as $30 per night, or less with a great range of hot deals, it offers amazing bang for your buck. Leaving more cash free to spend on activities and adventures along the way.

5. Pet friendly

Holidays aren’t the same if you have to leave someone behind. This a holiday the whole family can enjoy, even your fur babies. Not only do most campervan rental companies allow dogs, so too do many Ingenia Holiday Parks. So save yourself the added expense of finding a boarding kennel and bring them along for the ride.

Experience the freedom of the open road by hiring an Apollo campervan for your next holiday. It’s as easy as chose your route, pack your bags, grab the keys and go.