There is nothing quite like piling into the car for a road trip adventure. Whether you are dreaming of a relaxed journey with your loved one, a family getaway or hitting the road with your best mates, we have some handy hints for planning your next road trip.

Check your chariot

Nothing de-rails a journey like car troubles. Before you head off, make sure your vehicle in is good working order, has been recently serviced and the tires (including the spare) are in good condition and correctly inflated.

Take care of things at home

Put a hold on your mail or get a neighbour to collect it. Organise someone to look after your pets or book them into a pet hotel. If bills are due while you are away, set up a direct deposit so you don’t need to think about it while travelling.

Plan your route

Try to alternate long days of driving with shorter days and plan out fun activities or sightseeing stops along the way to break up the journey. Make note of the fuel stops and give yourself plenty of time so you can stop at any unexpected gems you discover along the way.

Finding your way

Ensure your GPS or phone is charged and updated before you leave. A good old fashioned paper map can also come in handy when travelling out of mobile range.

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When to leave

Avoid the weekend traffic and start your road trip on a Monday or Tuesday. This will make for a more relaxed start to your holiday and you may also be able to take advantage of cheaper mid-week accommodation rates along the way.


If travelling during peak season or school holidays it is best to book accommodation in advance. Check the policies for changes to bookings in case your travel plans change while you’re on the road, or you find a location you love and want to stay a little longer.

Something for the stereo

There’s nothing quite like belting out a tune while driving down the highway. Make a playlist of all your favourite road tripping songs, or download some audiobooks and tick off a few classics that you’ve always planned on reading.

Groove to a road trip playlist as you journey between Ingenia Holidays great locations

Must pack items

A power bank will keep phones, GPS and MP3 players powered up between stops. Pack a jumper, wet weather clothes and sun hat, plus books and car games for the kids. Snacks like fruit, cheese and crackers or carrot sticks are great options, and Fantales are a road trip favourite – sweet treat and trivia all in one!

The road less travelled

Don’t be afraid to take the less direct route. While it might take longer than hurtling down the motorway, a detour through smaller towns and rural communities will give you a chance to meet the locals and discover some of the more unique attractions along the way.

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