Tips for caravanning with kids

Caravanning with kids can be stressful, but there are steps you can take to enjoy a hassle-free family road trip. Try these techniques to keep your youngsters from running amok in your mobile home.

Involve them in the planning

To avoid hearing the question “are we there yet” repetitively, try to involve the kids in the planning of the trip. This is a great opportunity to teach them navigations skills.

Stick to a routine

Kids of all ages operate best when they are following a routine. Meltdowns usually happen when kids are overtired or hungry so try to keep to their everyday routine as much as possible on the road. You can do this by sticking to their normal meal and bedtimes.

Provide entertainment

Kids get bored easily when driving long distances to take plenty of games, puzzles, books and activities to keep them entertained. Puzzle books, colouring books, music, iPads and DVDs are recommended.

Take plenty of snacks

With boredom comes to hunger. Pack plenty of healthy snacks for them to munch on. Meals are a great way to break up a long drive so plan mealtimes ahead so that they know when their next stop is coming up.

Stow the bikes

One of the things we love about caravanning is the kids have the freedom of riding their bikes in an enclosed area by themselves. It makes them feel free and give a sense of independence.

Coloured chalk

The kids love it. They can get creative on the concrete around the parks and it’s a huge novelty.

Colouring books and cars

We take a set of matchbox style cars for our toddler. Always helpful to keep him busy and still but also for the caravan park friends the kids always make.