Did you know that taking a holiday is more than just fun, it can actually improve your health and wellbeing? Taking some regular time out with family and friends can have a range of positive effects on both your physical and mental health that will last long after you have returned home.

Reduce Stress

Enjoying regular holidays gives your body a break from the worries of work and everyday routines, which can help to reduce your stress levels. Lower stress levels have been linked to a reduction in blood pressure and heart disease and lower cases of anxiety and depression. The good news is, these lowered stress levels often continue after you return home making you better equipped to tackle stressful situations when they do arise.

Better Sleep

A holiday is the perfect chance to take a break from alarm clocks and late nights in front of the computer screen. Enjoying a restful night’s sleep and establishing regular sleeping patterns can help boost your body’s immune system, make it easier to lose weight and also make you more likely to choose healthy and active options during the day.

Improve Productivity & Creativity

Taking a holiday away from work can actually make you more productive when you are in the office. Enjoying some time out creates a happier and more positive mindset that can improve focus and clarity, make you work more efficiently and be less prone to burnout, which means less sick days. Enjoying a wide range of experiences outside of work can also help to spark creativity and new ideas.

Move More

Exercise is great for both physical and mental health, so why not take the opportunity to get out and move more? You might like to explore your holiday destination on foot, take a bike ride, go for a hike or try a new hobby like stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing or golf.

Boost Your Relationships

Holidays promote lower stress and tension levels, which can lead to greater satisfaction and more harmonious relationships. Sharing new experiences and activities is a great way to build family bonds and it’s not just those on holidays with you that will benefit, your upbeat and relaxed mood is likely to rub off on those around you once you return, creating a more positive environment for everyone.

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