Christmas in a holiday park is about as Aussie as you can get. But if you’re staying at one of any one of our 21 parks over the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t bring the festive flair with you. Whether the Christmas break sees you pitching a tent, road tripping in your van or kicking back in a cabin, you don’t have to miss out on the joy of Christmas decorating. Check out our top tips for decorating your cabin, caravan or campsite that are guaranteed to get you into the spirit and light the way so Santa has no problem finding you!

Light up the Park

Decorating the tree and hanging Christmas lights is a family tradition for most of us and being away is no reason to miss out. Bring your lights from home and if space permits your tree too! If you don’t have the room, invest in a smaller version and make it your ‘travel tree’.  If that’s not enough of an incentive, you could win a Summer Holidays Essentials Pack by decorating your home away from home at Ingenia Holidays with the Light Up The Park competition.

Coastal Christmas

Forget traditional ornaments, why not make your own? Going coastal this Christmas? Your days are about to be filled with sun, sand and water so why not keep in theme and style your space accordingly. A relaxing morning down the beach or riverbank collecting driftwood or shells and you’ll be decorating in no time. The best part is your decorations will be 100% environmentally friendly!

Christmas Crafting

Head outside into nature and hunt for native materials to craft a 100% Aussie Christmas wreath or some DIY ornaments. Send the kids on a treasure hunt for materials and encourage them to get creative.  Spending time in nature and doing some Christmas craft appeals to young and old and you’ll be amazed at what Christmas creations you come up with. Make a wreath, a driftwood Christmas tree or any number of cute little ornaments to decorate with.