Festive burnout hitting well before December 25 is a very un-festive fact that most of us experience at some point. With Christmas fast approaching the next four weeks promise to be a blur of parties, shopping and countless errands. Despite the fact that it’s supposed to be about family, friends and taking time out – many people go too hard, too soon and find themselves burnt out and over it by the time the actual day rolls around.

At Ingenia Holidays one of the most popular ways we see people avoiding the festive burnout is by booking themselves a quick pre-Christmas escape at a holiday park. By taking 3-4 days away at the beginning of December guests are able to refresh and revitalise themselves and as a result are more fully able to enjoy themselves and their families during the peak season.

Every year we vow to make this ‘the best Christmas ever’ for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s so easy to end up physically and emotionally exhausted by the time we actually get to Christmas day.  Imagine how much easier it’ll be to deal with the incoming lack of sleep, crowded shopping centres and re-runs of Mariah’s Christmas songs after you’ve had a nice little break away?

Genius you say! December is also a time when we traditionally overspend financially but by taking your holiday early you not only avoid the crowds but also save money. Why not let Ingenia Holidays help you avoid festive burnout and book a get-away now!