Start A New Family Holiday Tradition

Whether you are getting together with your family over Christmas or planning a getaway in the New Year, summer is the perfect time to start some fun new family traditions. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Holiday awards dinner

On the last night of your holiday have an ‘Awards Dinner’ and present certificates, chocolate coins or even trophies if you want to be a bit extravagant. Give awards that reflect the best moments of your holiday like: best cannonball in the pool, champion beach cricket player, the funniest holiday moment or who took the best holiday photo.

New beach towels

Give each member of the family a new colourful beach towel that can be used at the pool or on beach adventures during your holiday. That way, when you use the towels throughout the year it will remind you of all the fun of your holiday.

New beach towels are a great summer present

Boredom buster jar

In the lead up to the holiday, ask your family to help think of ideas for activities to do or things they would like to try and write them on pieces of paper to add to a ‘boredom buster jar’. During your holiday if you have some down time or the kids are looking for something to do, take turns pulling an idea out of the jar. The activities can be anything from go to the beach, play a board game, backyard cricket, put on a play or anything that your family enjoys doing.

The great switch off

Have a day or a week (or even the whole holiday!) where the whole family switches off. That’s no phones, video games or TV. Enjoy some screen-free time to play board games, read books, go bushwalking or just laze by the pool.

Leave your tech behind and enjoy some screen-free time with your family

Themed fun

Have a themed day where you all dress up, watch movies and have fun themed food. Young girls might like a Disney Princess afternoon with pretty cupcakes, pink lemonade and princess dresses. If your child is into dinosaurs you could dress as adventurers, have big t-bone steaks for dinner and watch Jurassic Park.

Story time

Before heading off on holidays, choose a book that the whole family would like, such as Harry Potter, The Hobbit or the Chronicles of Narnia. Before bed each night enjoy some relaxed time together reading the next few chapters. If your kids are older they can even take turns reading aloud.

Sharing some story time is a great way to re-connect

Send yourself a postcard

Find a funny postcard from the destination you are visiting. Write all the fun things you’ve been doing and post it to your home address. That way there will be a little piece of your holiday waiting for the family when you get home.

Holiday scrapbook

At the end of the holidays print off all your favourite photos and enlist the family to create a holiday scrapbook. You can include things you’ve collected like sea shells, ticket stubs and menus from your favourite restaurants or get creative with stickers, pens and glitter.

Create a family holiday scrapbook to look back on

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