Getting back to nature is a great way to lift the spirits, re-energise and soothe the soul. With 21 parks across QLD and NSW, Ingenia Holidays is located in some of the most pristine locations making it easy for you to breathe in some fresh air and get back to nature.

1. Watching the sunrise

Sure it’s nice to sleep in on holiday, but on the occasion it’s nice to see the sun cast its bright shades of orange on the start of a brand new day.

2. Encounter the local wildlife

When staying at Ingenia Holidays some of your neighbours may not be of the human kind. Get up close and personal with kangaroos, watch a pod of dolphins show off as the sun sets, experience the magnificent humpback whales from mere metres away and discover a new bird at every location.

3. Discover the beauty of Australia

Australia is a playground of natural beauty and stunning landscapes. Vast open spaces of outback, majestic reefs, haven beaches and overwhelming rock formations. There are endless wonders to explore in our own backyard.

4. Water activities

There is something about being near the water that is instantly relaxing. The world stands still for a brief moment. It’s just you, the boat, your fishing line and water so still you can see your own reflection. There’s also times where it feel like mayhem as a hive of people indulge in water activities like swimming, diving, sailing and water sports. Whatever floats your boat, Ingenia Holidays has the perfect location for you.

5. Relaxing in the sun

Start your day off with some vitamin D, relaxing in the sun with a good book and nothing but the sound of nature in the background.

6. Alfresco dining

Whether it be a tiny café on a pier, a picnic near the lake or a beachside BBQ soak up the gorgeous weather and take lunch outside.

7. Discovery trails 

 Is there anything more relaxing then wandering through a rainforest? The canopy of trees creating an immediate temperature drop, the air feels crisp and clean and the smell of fresh rain overcomes your senses. The traffic and world outside is replaced by the humming tunes of birds whistling and flowing streams.

8. Scenic drives

Unleash your Sunday driver and hit the road to discover lush landscapes, stunning scenery and towns you never knew existed.

9. Put the phone away

It’s amazing the things you notice when you’re not hiding behind a screen. Take a step back from technology, get in touch with nature and strike up a conversation with someone new.

10. Night sky

When it comes to simple pleasures it’s hard to beat gazing up at the stars. Feeling so small in a great big world. It’s the perfect opportunity to do nothing but gaze and wander.

So when you stay at Ingenia Holidays, make time to relax, refresh and reconnect with nature. Don’t forget to enjoy the little moments.