We are taking all the work out of heading off on holidays with this handy list of things to check before you leave. With a little bit of planning and preparation you can ensure you have an awesome trip away without worrying about things back home.

At home


Ask a neighbor to collect you mail while you are on holidays or if travelling for an extended period of time contact the post office and put a hold on your mail.


Ensure all your household bills are paid before you leave so that you don’t have to worry while you are away. If you have bills that are due to arrive while you are on holidays, set up an automatic debit or have your bills sent by email instead of post so you can access them while on the road.


If you aren’t planning on taking your pet on holidays with you, organise a friend or neighbor to look after your four legged friend while you’re away. If you are booking your pet into a pet resort or using a pet sitting service, keep in mind that long weekends and holidays often book out and need to be organised well in advance.

Save power

Turn off and unplug any devices that wont be needed while you are away. You would be surprised how much power computers and gaming consoles can use if left on standby for long periods of time.

Come home to a sweet smelling house

Make sure that the garbage is taken out before you leave and there is no perishable food in the kitchen or wet clothes left in the laundry to avoid returning home to mystery smells.

Your vehicle


Check that your tires have the correct air pressure in them and have a good amount of tread. Don’t forget to make sure the spare tire is in good condition and the jack and tools to change a tire can be easily accessed in the case of flat.


Make sure your car is up to date with its services and that all fluids are at the correct level including oil, coolant, brake fluid and windscreen wash.


Make sure headlights, brake lights and indicator lights are all working correctly. If towing a trailer or caravan, don’t forget to check their lights too.

Your camping equipment


It can be a good idea to set up your tent a few days before leaving so you can air it out and make sure there are no holes or tears that need repairing or pieces that are missing.

Gas bottles

If you are taking a barbeque or camping stove on holidays, check that the gas bottle is full and you pack any utensils you will need for cooking while you’re away. If you haven’t used your barbeque for a while you might need to give the grill a clean and oil before you go.


Have a quick check over all your bedding to avoid any nasty surprises. Check air mattresses for holes (and always pack a puncture repair kit just in case) and make sure sleeping bag zippers aren’t broken or jammed.


If you are bringing torches or electric lamps check that their bulbs haven’t blown and make sure you have plenty of batteries on hand.

Other important things


Double check you have booked on the correct dates and that you have your booking information handy for when you check in. If you are arriving outside of your accommodation’s regular office hours, call in advance to organise how you will get your keys and find your site or cabin when you get there.


If there are any cards, work IDs and things you won’t need while on holidays then it is a good idea to leave them at home. Plus it’s less to lug about while on holiday. Make sure you have any credit or cash cards, licences or identification that you might need during your trip.


If you’re not going to totally unplug during your time away then make sure you pack your phone or tablet chargers and cords. If you won’t have access to power then some charged power banks can be a handy way to keep phones topped up.