Sick of leaving your beloved fur babies behind every time you go on holiday? If seeing the sights just isn’t the same without your pets, why not bring them with you?

Travelling with your four-legged friends is easier than ever now that there are so many pet-friendly places to stay. Whether you’re voyaging across the country in a caravan, pitching a tent, or renting out a cabin, these tips will tell you everything you need to know about taking your pets on holiday.

Pack your pet’s essentials

Just like humans, pets love being surrounded by creature comforts while on holiday. Be sure to bring their bowl, bed, leash, favourite toys, and plenty of food.

If your pet has a history of health issues, pack their medication just in case they start feeling under weather while you’re away

Show some restrating – make sure your pet is strapped in when travelling in a car

Police can issue fines if they spot an unrestrained animal distracting a driver, so always keep your pet a safe distance from whoever’s behind the wheel.

If your fur baby tends to go hyper on the road, the RSPCA recommends harnesses for keeping pets safe during car travel

Book the right pet accommodation

It would be a downright disaster to show up at your accommodation with your pet only to realise animals aren’t welcome. Double-check the accommodation you’ve booked is in fact pet friendly.

Some holiday parks only allow pets at certains of the year so it’s always worth calling ahead to check with park management.

Keep a close watch on your pets

Beware of letting your doggo run amok at your destination. From wandering off to fighting with other four-legged guests, pets can get into all kinds of trouble without close supervision.

Take your dog on lots of long works or let them play at the closest dog park to help them burn off pent-up energy

Clean up after your pet

Imagine arriving at a campsite that’s littered with dog poop. Ugh. Don’t be the kind of pet owners who can’t be bothered to clean up after their fur baby.

Leaving animal poop everywhere isn’t just gross, it’s also against the rules. Bring a stash of dog waste bags and dispose of them properly.

Know the rules

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean they’re welcome everywhere. It’s illegal to bring dogs, cats, birds and other domestic pets into many national parks in Australia.

These rules may seem harsh but they exist to protect native animals and the environment

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