The New South Wales South Coast has been a long-time holiday favourite with locals and is now attracting visitors from far and wide.

Stretching from the Shoalhaven Coast just south of Wollongong, along the Ulladulla Coast, and extending all the way down to the Sapphire Coast just north of the Victorian border, this bliss-filled region has something for every traveler.

One local who has called this piece of the world home for the past 12 years is Tess Clark, who now manages Ingenia Holidays Broulee, located on the Ulladulla Coast near picturesque Batemans Bay.

While Tess is tempted to keep this slice of paradise a secret from the world, she can’t help but tell everyone she meets about the sheer beauty and charm of the region.

“There is just so much to love about the region – everyone knows about the beautiful beaches and water activities, but there are so many activities away from the water. People love exploring the national parks and the area is becoming quite known for triathlons and mountain biking.”

“Guests also love that it’s a really laidback place to relax and unwind. The locals are welcoming and friendly – it’s like the countryside by the sea.”

A spot with a welcoming heart and so much to see and do, the New South Wales South Coast is a holiday destination that belongs on your ‘to do’ list.

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