We all love going on holidays, exploring new towns and finding hidden gems. But sometimes our stories just don’t do justice to the experiences and memories we make.

Remember when you had to wait a week to have your film developed, only to see that your thumb was covering the lens? Or slide nights with your family and friends? Gone are the good ol’ days.   

In 2018 everything is instant. There is so much more pressure to get the perfect shot, and to make all of our friends and followers jealous.

Here at Ingenia Holidays, we’re not the jealous type. We love seeing our guest’s holiday experiences. That’s why we are giving away 5 x $100 Visa cards to our guests who share their happy memories with us. Simply share your photos to our Facebook and Instagram page, #ingeniaholidays and let us know what park you’re staying in. To help you out, here are some tips on how to make your photos drum up the likes!

Yes, I love that!

Cheesy grins. Pics of the kids laughing and enjoying their holiday is a guaranteed golden ‘gram! There are so many activities in park that will keep your kids happy all week long and we want to see them. We also want to see you guys relaxing while your kids are out playing. Show your friends how much you’re enjoying some RnR!

Capture the native wildlife. Who doesn’t love a shot of Australia’s furry creatures? Ingenia Holidays parks are full of wildlife just waiting to turn on the cuteness. Check out the kangaroos that roam Ingenia Holidays Lake Conjola.

Catch the sunrise and sunset. There’s something about a sunset or sunrise in a new location that makes you appreciate it just a little bit more. It also changes the way a city feels and looks. Make sure you #nofilter on these ones! We suggest the sunset over the ocean at Ingenia Holidays Noosa.

Climb to the top. There’s a reason penthouses are on the top floor – they have the best views. Check out our blog on the best rainforests for some ideas of where to go to get that aerial shot! Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut is just a short drive from Barron Falls.

Food, glorious food! Good news -when you’re on holidays, calories don’t count (this technically may not be true). Check out Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut and Ingenia Holidays White Albatross – they have their own café on site!

Try and stay away from…

  • Pictures of your hubby in DT’s.
  • Too many selfies.
  • Look out for your reflection. In mirrors, windows and sunglasses.
  • Overkill of filters. A filter can definitely highlight an image but a good rule to stick to is keep to the same 3 filters across your entire Instagram page.

So why not make some unforgettable holiday memories and flaunt them to your friends. Don’t forget to share them on our Facebook and Instagram pages so you can 1. Win a $100 visa card and 2. Be insta-famous on our page! Book your next holiday now