Situated on a scenic peninsula in Port Stephens, Ingenia Holidays Soldiers Point is the perfect destination to beat the heat and make the most of summer. You can relax in an air-conditioned cabin, learn how to surf, or simply take a nap under a shady palm tree.

This seaside holiday park has so many summertime activities to enjoy you’ll forget all about the temperature. If a heat wave happens to roll in during your getaway at Ingenia Holidays Soldiers Point, here are some activities to help you keep cool.

Play in the splash park

If you’re travelling with young ones, Ingenia Holidays Soldiers Point has a blissfully cool splash park. Featuring a small waterslide, a paddling pool and fountains shaped like palm trees and animals, it’s a paradise for kids during spells of hot weather.

Grownups can take a dip in the park’s larger pool, which features a waterfall and shady palm trees. With plenty of room for sunbathing, it’s a great place for the whole fam to escape the heat (always wear a hat and sunscreen to avoid having your poolside fun ruined by a bad sunburn).

Learn to surf

Not content to relax by the pool? Don your favourite rashie and jump on a surfboard! Soldiers Point is surrounded by seafront, with long stretches of eastern-facing shoreline for surfers to take advantage of.

There’s no need to feel nervous if you’re new to surfing. Port Stephens Surf School provides lessons at One Mile Beach, one of the most popular surf hotspots in town. Their professional and experienced instructors will guide you through the basics of surfing so you can find your feet and start carving up the waves. Don’t worry if you can barely paddle, let alone stand up on a surfboard – these lessons are suitable for surfers of all abilities.

Swim with dolphins

Port Stephens is famed for its local dolphin population. Over 70 bottlenose dolphins can be found swimming around this part of the Central Coast at any given time of the year, usually in bays and estuaries. If you’d love to get up close to these beautiful sea creatures (and don’t mind waking up early), Dolphin Swim Australia offers sunrise tours into open water where the local pods like to hang out.

Book online to secure your dolphin swim today.

Go fishing

Aside from swimming, there are other ways to keep cool in Soldiers Point. The Port Stephens peninsula has an abundance of sheltered bays bordered by glassy water, providing anglers with great conditions for a fishing trip.

Don’t have a boat handy? You don’t need one! The waters surrounding the peninsula warm up during summer, inviting fish like flathead and yellowtail close to shore. Some of the best fishing spots are located within walking distance of Ingenia Holidays Soldiers Point, including Soldiers Point Jetty and Wanda Head. To avoid getting overheated while fishing, pick a spot that’s exposed to the cool sea breeze.

Relax indoors

Being out and about on a hot summer’s day can be exhausting, even for Aussies who are used to searing temperatures. If you can’t escape the heat no matter how hard you try, it might be time to retire to your air-conditioned cabin.

From cosy 1-bedroom cabins to spacious holiday houses with enough room for the whole family, Ingenia Holidays Soldiers Point has a range of icy-cool air-conditioned cabins for visitors to choose from.

The Oasis cabinAloha cabinKentia cabin and Phoenix cabin are all air-conditioned. Book online today to avoid missing out on this essential summertime luxury.

Not even the most intense heat wave could spoil the fun of staying at Ingenia Holidays Soldiers Point. To learn more about the park’s facilities and attractions, contact Ingenia Holidays today.

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