A camping holiday is an awesome way to get out and enjoy nature and some time with family and friends. But what do you do when the temperature starts to heat up? 

Here are some easy tips to keep cool while camping these holidays.


When setting up your camp try to choose a position that will give you the most afternoon shade. If you are camping near water, position your tent or caravan doors and windows to take advantage of the natural breeze coming off the water.

Choosing your tent

When choosing your tent, look for a removable fly or large mesh panels that will allow you to create a through breeze. The material can also influence the temperature in the tent. Nylon generally heats up more quickly than canvas, but canvas can trap the heat once it’s inside.

Create your own shade

If there isn’t any natural shade available on your campsite, consider erecting a shade structure or tarp over your tent. It will keep the direct sun off the tent, reducing the amount of heat that builds up before the sun goes down. If your tarp has a reflective side, make sure it is facing outwards to reflect the heat from the sun.

Camping fan

You can purchase battery operated fans that are a handy way to keep air circulating in your tent. Try placing a dish of ice in front of the fan for an extra cool blast.

Choose your clothing

Go for light coloured clothing made out of light weight, natural fibres that let air through. You can also try running a bandana under water and tying it around your neck to keep cool. Opt for sandals or thongs that allow your feet to air out and always have a wide-brimmed hat handy when you’re in the sun.

Hang it up

If you have a nice breeze coming through your tent, try hanging a wet dish cloth in the path of the breeze. This technique has been used for many years to help cool the air blowing through your tent or van.

Mist bottle

Keep a spray bottle handy filled with cold water and mist your face when you need a bit of a cool down.

Stay hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water and choose water rich snacks such as watermelon, grapes, icy poles or oranges.

Have an early dinner

Try eating your dinner earlier in the evening. You can sometimes feel hotter while your body is digesting a big meal, so give yourself plenty of time between filling your belly and heading off to bed.

Instant cold pack

Get your hands on some instant cold packs. The pouches just need to be squeezed to activate the cooling reaction and are great to keep on hand for injuries, burns or any time you just need instant cool without a refrigerator.

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