The countdown is over! It’s finally time for that getaway you’ve been looking forward to since Christmas. You’ve been organising your annual camping trip for a few weeks, and now it’s finally time to hit the road. The campervan has been hooked on, the car is crammed full of suitcases, pillows, snacks and kids.

You’re already in holiday mode – dreaming of long walks on the beach, casting in your fishing line and games of backyard cricket. Before you leave though, plan your journey. Here are some simple reminders before you take off!

Rest before you drive

Stop. Revive. Survive. We all know the slogan but do we really take notice? Here are 3 tips to help stay alert on your drive:

  1. Take a break every 2 hours. Plan your rests stops along the way. Stretch your legs, enjoy a cuppa and remain focused on driving safely.
  2. Avoid driving after a long day at work. It’s Thursday afternoon, you’re keen to hit the road but remember the adrenaline and excitement will wear off after some time. Rest up before you take on the journey! 
  3. Don’t rely on coffee to keep you awake. Although it can work miracles, the temporary caffeine fix won’t stop you from being tired. Winding the window down and blasting music are also faux ideas. 
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Phone down, avoid distractions

The kids are fighting in the backseat, your phone is alerting you of the group chat that is going on and your GPS is telling you to continue straight through the roundabout. There’s a lot going on but your only job is to keep your eyes and mind on the road. So plan some games to keep the kids happy, turn off your notifications and designate a passenger to be in charge of directions.

Road Safety 101

  1. Check your car and campervan. Have you had a service recently? Is everything in order?
  2. Buckle up. It’s easy, just do it! 
  3. Watch your speed limit! It’s an exciting time and you want to get there ASAP but as your mother said, better to get there late than never arrive at all. 
  4. Don’t drink drive. I know it’s tempting to kick off the holidays early and stop in for a quick one, but just imagine how good it will be once you finally arrive, set up and crack a cold one. Totally worth the wait!
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