Can’t remember the last time you went on holiday? We know abandoning your responsibilities can be daunting (even if it’s just for a few days), but holidays are the ultimate natural stress relief.

Whether you want to lie on a beach, camp out in the wilderness or take a road trip, here’s how to make the most of your relaxing holiday ideas so you come back feeling refreshed.

Disconnect from work

Is there any point in going on holiday if you’re going to be checking your email and taking work calls the whole time? What a waste of annual leave. Tearing yourself away from a high-pressure job can be tricky, but that’s what auto-reply is for.

To keep your inbox from imploding while you’re away, start preparing for your break several weeks in advance. Make sure your co-workers know of your holiday plans so you can finish any handovers with plenty of time to spare. If you deal directly with clients or customers, tell them you’ll be out of touch for a while (make sure they’re aware that someone else has been assigned to look after them until you get back).

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking the occasional peek at your email to check everything’s under control – just don’t let technology take over your break.

Tip: If you can’t resist the urge to constantly check your email or take phone calls while you’re on holiday, simply leave your phone at home (or on airplane mode).

Get back to nature

Getting back to nature is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of urban living. From tranquil rainforests to hidden beaches, Australia is teeming with destinations that are both beautiful and out-of-the-way.

If you’re yearning for peace and quiet but don’t want to venture too far from civilisation, staying at a holiday park offers the best of both worlds. You’ll still be surrounded by natural beauty, but it’s not like you’ll be totally shut off from the outside world (there’ll also be plenty of activities for your kids so you won’t have to worry about keeping them entertained).

You can pitch a tent, shack up in your campervan, or stay in a cabin – whichever style of accommodation best suits your comfort levels, nature holidays can be a powerful remedy for stress.

Soak up the scenery by taking a refreshing stroll. If you’re travelling with little ones, kids of all ages will enjoy these family friendly hikes.

Avoid activities the first day

Booking tours and activities on the very first day of your trip might sound like a great idea – but wouldn’t you rather give yourself at least 24 hours to unwind? By the time you arrive at your destination, unpack everything and take in your surroundings, you may not have much energy for sightseeing.

Making the most of your holiday doesn’t mean cramming every single day with activities. Whether you’re in the mood to make plenty of plans or you want to take a laidback approach to your itinerary, there’s no right or wrong way to plan a holiday.

If you want to spend the first day of your trip doing nothing but sleeping and eating, then that’s what you should do! There’s a good chance the lead up to your holiday will be quite hectic – between trying to get everything done at work and packing for your trip, you might need a minute to catch your breath.

Once your body clock’s had a chance to adjust to being on holiday, then you can start filling your days with fun activities.

Want to choose your holiday destination based on the kind of activities you enjoy? At Ingenia Holidays, our parks cater to families, nature lovers, fans of food and wine trails, water sport enthusiasts, and more.

Be present

Do you spend every holiday doubting your decision to take a break, or wondering if you could’ve chosen a better holiday destination? Stop worrying about what you should be doing, and start enjoying the present moment. In a world where everyone can show off their holiday snaps on social media, it’s easy to start feeling insecure – but how can you expect to make the most of your holiday if you’re constantly comparing it to what everyone else is doing?

Switching into holiday mode can take time, so don’t beat yourself up if it takes a while for you to unwind. For more relaxing holiday inspiration, discover more tips and tricks at Ingenia Holiday Parks.