With the abundance of holiday options available to families – hotels, resorts, holiday parks and homestays to name a few – what keeps guests coming back to stay at holiday parks?

Holidays should be a time for families to have fun, relax and take a break from the daily grind. In escaping the day-to-day, families get the opportunity to reconnect, spend quality time together and come away with memories that last a lifetime. Holiday parks give families the freedom to explore and play in a village community, where they can get to know their neighbours and the kids down the road. Over the years, we’ve talked to families of all ages, from different locations and from varying walks of life to discover what it is about holiday parks that make them their family’s first choice.

A focus on family fun

While the community feel of holiday parks hasn’t changed much over the years, the facilities sure have. These days, most holiday parks have recreation facilities and activities that would even give top resorts a run for their money. Young children are kept busy with waterparks, playgrounds and giant jumping pillows, while older kids are entertained by mini-golf, games rooms and water sports. Each Ingenia Holidays destination also runs events and activities during school holidays, with everything from creative arts and crafts to extreme laser tag adventures. When it comes to creating lasting family memories, you really can’t go past holiday parks. Whether your family loves adventuring outdoors or taking it easy by the pool, you’ll never leave a holiday park without a whole host of stories, a catalogue of photos and a promise to return and do it all again next year.

Accommodation options to suit all families

It’s no secret that selecting the right accommodation can make or break a family holiday. Travellers often mention that holiday parks offer a broad range of accommodation options that can be tailored to suit an individual family’s needs. Whether it’s staying in a cosy cabin to keep all the little ones together, building your ‘campsite empire’ and giving older kids their own tent, or travelling with a camper in tow complete with all the necessities – with holiday parks, you can stay your way. For many visitors, it’s also about the ‘balance’ that holiday parks provide – having accommodation options that can connect the family while providing enough space for everyone to enjoy a bit of ‘peace and quiet’ or downtime.

Food experiences that offer the best of both worlds

When you’re on holidays it can be a great opportunity to explore the local ‘food scene’ and indulge in new dining experiences, but many travellers reveal they like a bit of balance when it comes to holiday meals. Holiday parks offer the best of both worlds – with many parks having on-site restaurants and nearby dine-in and takeaway options, as well as private and communal cooking facilities for travellers to cook up a storm on-site. Whether it’s to cater to fussy eaters, spend a little less money dining-out, or to simply enjoy a bit of holiday cooking – think big BBQ brekkies, one-pot wonders and billy teas over the fire – many travellers find holiday parks give them the option to suit themselves and their families.

The true ‘community feel’

Ask any seasoned holiday park traveller and they will tell you about the unmistakable ‘community feel’ that comes with staying at their favourite park. Holiday parks attract a certain type of traveller – the type that chooses to interact, make friends and share the holiday experience. From chatting on the way to the pool to lending your neighbour some sunscreen, holiday park experiences are characterised by the people involved and the memories shared. Many say that holiday parks create a simpler and more relaxing environment, reminiscent of decades gone by. Families love getting away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ and letting their kids play freely in a safe, community environment.

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