Have a whale of a time at Ingenia Holidays

Except for beach loving folk, Aussies all but abandon our oceans during winter - all that’s left is the occasional tourist who thinks 18°C is balmy. On the plus side, that feeling isn’t shared by our friendly 15-metre sea giants. For humpbacks, the temperature of our ocean is just right.

Seeing these majestic sea creatures is truly a sight to behold. And don’t we go nuts for it! To be honest, if whale watching hasn’t made your bucket list, you better tear up that list and start over! Because nothing could be more magical than seeing humpbacks breach, leap and sing in our beautiful Aussie waters. 

July to November is peak season to spot the majestic humpback whales. Ingenia Holidays have locations spanning the East Coast and many of our parks are perfectly positioned to capture the whales as they migrate north along our coastline. To make planning your trip a little easier, we’ve put together a list of Ingenia Holidays destinations perfect for spotting a whale or two. 


Broulee, Lake Conjola, Ocean Lake

For those who prefer to keep their feet firmly planted on dry land, our parks Ocean Lake, Broulee and Lake Conjola located along the Sapphire Coast offer a range of vantage points to satisfy your whale watching appetite. Spanning Green Cape Light Station & Peninsular, to the stunning Jervis Bay, it’s the perfect place to set up for an afternoon picnic at one of the many picturesque lookouts.
If you must get up close and personal to these majestic creatures, Huskisson, only a short 40-minute drive from Ingenia Holidays Lake Conjola, remains the main departure point for many tours. 


One Mile Beach & Soldiers Point

When we think of whale watching, One Mile Beach and Soldiers Point aren’t the first destinations that come to mind. However, these stunning locations on the mid-north coast are ripe with whale watching charters, ready to whisk you away on the experience of a lifetime! A destination known for its boating, you really have your pick of tours - from Adrenaline, to Imagine Cruises and Moonshadow Cruises, there are many a skipper in this region - and you can be sure they know their way around the waters!  


Bonny Hills & White Albatross 

If boat tours really aren’t your thing, then Ingenia Holidays Bonny Hills and Ingenia Holidays White Albatross are another two hot spots for land-based sightings. When staying at these picturesque locations, be sure to explore the many stunning ocean lookouts. Take a drive up to Nambucca Headlands, or head to Captain Cook lookout where you can look over the humpback whales usual migration path. 


Byron Bay


Looking for the perfect vantage point to spot the whales in Byron Bay? Look no further than Cape Byron Lighthouse. This iconic location provides a fantastic opportunity to view the humpbacks from a breath-taking angle. You can drive there or do the Cape Byron Lighthouse Walk and take advantage of the additional viewing platforms along the way. Cape Byron Lighthouse is just a short drive from Ingenia Holidays Byron Bay


Rivershore and Noosa

Just an easy drive from Brisbane is Ingenia Holidays Rivershore and a little further north, Ingenia Holidays Noosa both perfectly situated for a whale watching visit. You’ll have ample choice in these laidback destinations, with tour operators ready to whisk you away at every corner. Not only that, but close by in Mooloolaba Sunreef tours, are offering a next level experience, where you can actually swim with whales! Yes, you heard right! S-W-I-M! Dreams made.  


Hervey Bay

If you’ve ever googled whale watching, you can bet your bottom dollar Hervey Bay tops the ranks! Having cemented its name as the world favourite whale watching destination, the bay is fantastic viewing and you can be sure to spot these beautiful creatures in all their fin slapping glory! So if you plan to stay at Ingenia Holidays Hervey Bay, this my friends, is a non-negotiable activity – you won’t regret it! 



Take a look at our holiday parks located across Queensland and New South Wales, and start planning your whale watching adventure today!