Caravanning with kids can be stressful, but there are steps you can take to enjoy a hassle-free family road trip. The outdoors make a great playground for kids of all ages, and your little ones will love the fun facilities on offer at our kid-friendly accommodation. The trick is to keep meltdowns and temper tantrums to a minimum. Try these techniques to keep your youngsters from running amok in your mobile home. 

Comfort is key

Make sure your kiddos have enough room to make themselves comfortable before embarking on your holiday. Even well-behaved kids can get cranky after a few hours cooped up in a caravan – but it’s possible to enhance your vehicle’s comfort with some simple adjustments. Pack your kids’ favourite pillows and blankets for the journey, and place shades over the windows to block out the sun.

Patch up any tears in your caravan’s upholstery to make the seats as soft as possible, and use a humidifier to improve air quality. Even if the campsite you’ve chosen has plenty of room for your kids to run around, it doesn’t take much for fights to break out in close quarters. Once you’ve reached your destination, set up an annexe to increase the size of your caravan’s living area. This will make your setup feel more spacious and tranquil while still allowing your family to enjoy the quality time together.

Get keen for caravanning

Anticipation can make car trips easier for kids, helping to keep their spirits up on those long stretches of highway. Hype up the journey ahead by telling your youngsters about all the fun things that await at your destination.

If you’re planning to stay at an Ingenia Holidays park, your kids will have lots to look forward to, including playgrounds, swimming pools, jumping cushions, splash parks and Kids Club activities. There’ll also be an abundance of other kids to make friends with and wide-open spaces to explore.

Finding kid-friendly accommodation is easy with Ingenia Holidays. All our parks have facilities to keep children entertained, so you can unwind while your kids live their best life.

Make plenty of pit stops

Regular pit stops are essential when it comes to family road trips. No matter how many travel activities for kids you’ve got up your sleeve, your youngsters are bound to get bored eventually.

Even if your vehicle has lots of room and all the comforts of home, it’s still important to pull over every couple of hours. Giving your kids a chance to stretch their legs will work wonders for their mood and distract them from asking “are we there yet?” every 5 minutes.

Instead of just pulling into a service station, find a park where your kids can run around and burn off some of their pent-up energy. You can also stop for photo opportunities at scenic spots along the way, or grab a bite to eat at a local café.

Beware of traffic jams

Traffic jams can make adults crazy, so just imagine how they must feel for kids. Be mindful of when you travel to avoid congestion on the roads, and make sure you’ve packed plenty of snacks in case you get caught out in bad traffic. Of course, steering clear of bad traffic isn’t always possible during the school holidays.

Whether you’re driving to the coast for some fun in the sun or looking for peace and quiet in the countryside, it always pays to be prepared. Stash some your kids’ favourite toys, books and video games in your caravan to avoid boredom-induced meltdowns.

These are just some of the ways you can survive your next family road trip with your sanity intact. There might still be the occasional moment of stress on the road, but taking a caravanning adventure is a great way to reconnect with family.

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