The Great East Coast Migration

Cold weather got you feeling blue? Don’t just sit around waiting for summer to return – escape the chill before winter really sets in and head north for the tropics. The migration from the cool southern states up the east coast of Australia is an iconic seasonal road trip route, with thousands of travellers making the journey each year.

The road to the tropics is paved with exciting things to see and do. For travellers seeking winter holidays in Queensland, these are the essential stopover destinations and attractions worth visiting along the way.

Where to Stay at the Start of Your Trip

If you’re starting your east coast of Australia road trip in Sydney, Melbourne, or even further south, you’ll have a choice of places to stop before reaching QLD.

Despite the chilly weather, the NSW North Coast is home to many picturesque beachside communities that are just as beautiful throughout the winter. Recharge your batteries at Ingenia Holidays Bonny Hills, or drive a little further up the road to our scenic South West Rocks accommodation.

Each holiday park has plenty of room for your caravan, paved and grass campsites, ensuite facilities, and outdoor kitchens. Remember to pack your wetsuit if you enjoy surfing – the water may be brisk, but surfing conditions on the South Coast are often at their best in winter. Find the perfect place to stay by browsing all our holiday parks in NSW.

Northern Rivers Stopovers

Spend a relaxing few days exploring the Northern Rivers region before making your way into QLD. Located just south of the QLD border, this district is surrounded by stunning beaches and laid back townships. Our northernmost parks in NSW include Ingenia Holidays Kingscliff and Ingenia Holidays Byron Bay.

Known for its marine life and water sports, Kingscliff is nestled between the Tweed River and the coast. Filled with seaside cafés and tranquil waterways, it’s an ideal destination for families and foodies. For a more alternative setting, Byron Bay is a bohemian paradise. Local attractions include a historic lighthouse overlooking the ocean, eclectic markets, nature walks and restaurants serving fresh local produce.

The Sunshine Coast

There’s no better place to get acquainted with QLD than the Sunshine Coast. Whether you plan to stay there for the remainder of your winter road trip, or stop by on your way to more northerly destinations, this sun-soaked region is extra radiant during winter. Despite being renowned as a summer destination, the crisp air and uncrowded beaches of the colder months make it an ideal pit stop for those taking part in the east coast migration. Soak up the warm weather on the Sunshine Coast at Ingenia Holidays Noosa or Ingenia Holidays Rivershore.

Fraser Coast Accommodation

Slightly further up the coast you’ll arrive at Hervey Bay, the whale-watching capital of QLD. Winter is the perfect time of year to visit this sleepy fishing town, as it coincides with peak whale-watching season. Our Hervey Bay holiday park is located just a short distance from beautiful beaches so you can pop down to the water’s edge on a whim.

North QLD’s Never-ending Summer

The east coast migration covers a lot of ground, especially if you’re planning to set off from Sydney or Melbourne. But once you arrive, you’ll see why so many caravanners make the journey every year. Temperatures this far north rarely drop below 10°, and sun seekers will love the relative lack of rainfall. Offering peace and quiet in a tropical setting, Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut is the perfect destination to finish up your road trip.

If you plan to settle in for the winter, you’ll have plenty of time to explore all the attractions surrounding the park. There’s the Great Barrier Reef, of course, which is located just a short distance from the mainland. The Daintree Rainforest, beautiful Palm Cove Beach and the mountain village of Kuranda are also worth visiting during your winter escape.

If you plan to join all the other avid road trippers heading north for a winter holiday, be sure to book your Ingenia Holidays accommodation in advance.