Good things come to those who bait

Crisp early mornings, ocean views and fresh salty air; it’s not hard to understand why fishing is a much-loved sport by many. Whether you’re a professional angler, hobbyist or the kiss-and-release type, we’ve got the o-fish-al guide to planning your next getaway at one of our Ingenia Holiday destinations!  


Located on the far South Coast of NSW is the quiet beachside town of Broulee; this picturesque destination, a small detour off the main tourist trail boasts easy access to estuary, beach and rock fishing. With many a tasty catch, including whiting, flathead bream, trevally, blackfish, garfish, flounder, salmon and the occasional school of mulloway, this is a must-fish location. If you’re planning on taking a trip to this hidden gem, the Ingenia Holidays Broulee takes pride position on the beach front, giving you premium access to all the great spots.

Lake Conjola

A one-hour drive from Broulee will take you to our next destination, Ingenia Holidays Lake Conjola. According to local Anglers, just dangle a line in the lake and you’ll catch as many flathead as you want! It’s a tad fishy, but even the local parks, showcase the heads of many a ginormous flathead captured in the area. A hot tip from those in the know, cast your line where the lake meets the ocean for some serious variety – with plenty of bream, whiting and jewfish.

Lake Macquarie

Looking for a reason to ditch the big smoke? Only a short one-hour drive north of Sydney is the stunning Ingenia Holidays Lake Macquarie, home to a wide array of our fishy friends; from mulloway, bream, dusky flathead, tailor squid, yellowtail kingfish and Australian salmon – they don’t call it a ‘fishing haven’ for nothing! Boasting the largest saltwater lake in Australia, 110sq km to be exact, what better reason do you need to pack the ol' fishing rod and take a much-needed break? Another plus, those who stay at our lake side property can enjoy ease of access to the water from our private jetty and boat ramp.   

One Mile Beach

Ingenia Holidays One Mile Beach is rockin’ with opportunities! With the park located in prime position, beside pristine sandy beaches, there’s plenty of rock fishing on offer. According to the locals, simply tossing a fresh line behind the white-water will land you a ravenous tailor, bream, kingfish, jewfish or prized snapper! If you’re trawling for a little more variety, head to our Soldiers Point Park, only a short 20 minute drive away. 


Soldiers Point 

Cast your line inside the port, around the Nelson Bay break wall, or along the feeder streams and rivers for some  a great catch at Ingenia Holidays Soldiers Point. From kingfish, Australian salmon, luderick, snapper, and whiting, you’ll be sure to hook-line-and-sinker yourself something tasty for the dinner plate! 

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Head north to the warm pristine waters off the Queensland coast and you'll find yourself oceans deep in waters brimming with marine friends. Not only does Noosa offer picturesque beaches and an abundance of entertainment options, it is a firm favourite fishing destination for many; showcasing an endless variety of fishing hot spots, from off the rocks to estuaries and deep sea reef fishing. 

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Hervey Bay 

If you’ve not yet experienced the wonders of Ingenia Holidays Hervey Bay, then this location is a  prize catch indeed! The Fraser coast has it all, with an abundance of fishing hot spots; not to mention priceless encounters with much-loved humpback whales. From the harbour, to deep waters, or off the Fraser Coast, there are plenty of catches to be made; from coral trout, emperor, snapper, parrot fish and pearl perch – it's a fishermans paradise! 

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Grab your kit, pack the rod and may the fish be with you! :)