Looking for pet-friendly caravan parks in Cairns? We know it’s stressful to be parted from your pet and that not having them around can ruin the fun of embarking on a well-earned break. Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut used to be a pet-free zone, but we changed the rules back in 2018. These days, it’s a dog’s dream destination. Our pet-friendly accommodation means you can save yourself the heartbreak of leaving your doggo behind.

Pets aren’t just tolerated at Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut – we have facilities designed especially for your four-legged friend, including a new dog agility park. If you’re apprehensive about bringing your dog to North Queensland, discover why Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut is such a great destination for pet owners.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Pets are welcome in the park’s caravan and camping sites, so you can enjoy your dog’s company whether you’re pitching a tent or cruising the tropics in a motorhome. Please keep in mind that dogs aren’t permitted to roam around unsupervised. Even if your fur baby is always on their best behaviour, it’s important to keep a close eye on them at all times. This rule doesn’t just protect the wellbeing of other guests – it also keeps dogs from wandering off and getting into strife. Before bringing your pet on holiday, be sure to check the availability of our dog-friendly accommodation in Cairns. The camping and caravan sites at Cairns Coconut tend to book out during busy periods, and getting in quick is key to finding a place to stay where pets are permitted.

Make sure you meet the terms and conditions for bringing at pet to Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut by having a chat with our friendly park manager.

Dog Agility Park 

Worried your pet might misbehave and annoy other guests? Keep them from causing a ruckus around your campsite by making sure they get plenty of exercise. One of the main reasons dogs tend to misbehave is boredom. If your furry friend doesn’t do enough physical activity, they’re more likely to get into mischief. To give your dog an outlet for their energy, take them for a run around the dog agility park. This recent addition to Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut features a tunnel, ramps, holes for jumping through, and plenty of space for running around. It’s designed to fulfil your dog’s natural instincts while letting them play in a safe, controlled setting. Dog-Friendly Spots in Cairns

Be mindful of Cairns’ local crocodiles when walking your dog near water

Sightseeing with your pet is easy in Cairns, as the city is filled with dog-friendly spots. You could take them for a leisurely stroll along the Cairns Esplanade, let them explore the bush trails and freshwater creeks in Goomboora Park, or bring them to one of the many dog-friendly cafés around town. If your dog needs to stretch their legs but you don’t feel like venturing beyond the scenic surrounds of your accommodation, simply take them for a stroll around the park’s spacious grounds.

Tips for camping with dogs

It pays to be well-prepared when hitting the road with a doggo. Animals can be unpredictable, but there are steps you can take to keep them safe and sound (and well-behaved) during your travels.

Here are some tips to enjoy a hassle-free holiday with your dog:

  • Find the right campsite – Be sure to book a campsite that’s pet-friendly and spacious enough to accommodate your dog. 
  • Get your dog’s ID in order – Check that your dog’s collar has up-to-date contact details just in case they wander off and get lost.
  • Pack for your pooch – Bring your dog’s water and food bowl, blanket, bed, and favourite toys to keep them comfortable (poop bags are also essential).
  • Decide on sleeping arrangements – Will your pet sleep in your tent, your caravan, or out in the open? Considering this detail before your trip will help everyone get a good night’s sleep.

Ready to experience the fun of travelling with your dog? Discover more pet-friendly caravan parks in QLD and NSW.

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