For many people Australia Day is the perfect time to get the family together for a barbeque, kick back with friends and make the most of the last long weekend of summer. Enjoy a day of fun and laughs with these great Aussie Day activities. You can get some novelty prizes to hand out on the day or just compete for the glory.

Backyard cricket

Round up your teams and have your own backyard Ashes. If you don’t have a cricket set, no worries, there’s nothing more Aussie than improvising, grab a bin or esky for the wickets.

The great Aussie thong toss

The humble thong takes centre stage in this ultimate test of skill! Mark out a base line for players to stand on and take turns tossing a thong, the person that throws the greatest distance wins. You might also like to have an accuracy round, place an empty bin a distance from the line and give each player five turns to throw a thong into the bin. Whoever gets the most thongs in wins!

Slip ‘n’ slide

When the mercury rises and you need to cool down, there’s nothing better than busting out the Slip ‘n’ slide. You can find them quite cheaply these days in most department stores or go the DIY route and use a giant tarp, detergent and a hose.

Big biscuit bite

Grab a packet of Arnott’s milk arrowroot biscuits or cook up some Anzacs, and compete to see who can nibble their biscuit into the best Australia shape.

Chocolate game

This has been a kid’s party favourite for years, but it is just as much fun for the whole family! Put a block of chocolate on a plate with a knife and fork next to some dress up items, players then sit in a circle taking turns to roll a dice. When someone rolls a 6 they must quickly put on the dress up things (eg. cork hat, BBQ apron, thongs and oven gloves) and then use the knife and fork to cut up and eat the chocolate one square at a time before someone else rolls a 6.

Lamington eating competition

Who doesn’t love an extra excuse to eat lamingtons? Place a lamington on a plate in front of each person, get everyone to put their hands behind their backs, and when you shout ‘go!’ whoever can eat their lamington first without using their hands is named victorious.

Aussie quiz

Choose someone to be the Trivia Master and compete as teams or individually to answer the most answers correctly with our Australia Day quiz here.

Pin the tail on the kangaroo

Give this classic party game an Aussie spin by using a picture of a kangaroo. Players take turns being blind folded, and spun around before trying to pin the tail on the kangaroo. Whoever is the closest is the winner!

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