There’s nothing like adding a little magic to your Easter holiday – especially if you have little ones. Games and theming that add to the fantasy are a great way to nurture their imagination and create that extra level of excitement this season. So we’ve put together a few suggestions to make your Easter holiday extra special. 

Bunny Footprint Template

Like leaving Santa a glass of milk and cookies, or carrots for Rudolph, Prancer, Blitzen, Comet – you get it – these small touches all add to the magic of the day. Kids have great imaginations, and although you can remember the crushing moment you found out the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy were in fact ‘Mum and Dad’, most of us loved the fantasy while it lasted. So we recommend trying this little trick. All you need is a bunny footprint template (use this one here by Tid Bits & Twine) and some baby powder – voila!   

Easter Egg Hunt

Like peanut butter is to jelly, an Easter egg hunt is to Easter. This game is a must if you’re planning Easter activities this season. Not only is the hunt a great way to get your kids away from the TV, but it’s a perfect way to get them out and about, enjoying some much-needed sunshine. 

Make Your Own Easter Bonnet

After inhaling an unhealthy amount of chocolate, most kids will run on a sugar high for the next hour, before a major crash and ensuing chocolate coma. Therefore, hosting some activities is a great way to use up that extra sugar high! Not only that but making Easter bonnets is a lovely tradition. For tips on some easy-to-create designs, check out last week’s blog ‘A Sonnet For Your Easter Bonnet’. 

Egg Relay Game

If you’ve got steady hands, then this is a game for you! All you need is a spoon and half a dozen or so eggs – depending upon the number of players. Set your racing course, place the egg on the spoon and good luck making it around the course without dropping it! 

Easter Treats

If you’re a bit of a wiz in the kitchen and want to mix up the menu this Easter, check out our blog ‘5 Easy-To-Create Easter Treats’.  From strawberry carrots to baby chick macaroons, there is a variety of crowd-pleasing recipes the whole family will love!

Wishing our guests a happy and safe Easter holiday! If you need tips or motivation to book your next family vacation, be sure to check out our range of picture-perfect parks for some inspiration!