It’s always nice to bring a bit of your own personal style and flair to your surroundings, so why let the fact that you are travelling stop you from decorating? These fun and easy ideas are perfect for sprucing up your caravan, campsite or balcony while you’re on the road. Some might even make a nice addition to your office desk or try them out at home.

Air plants

Air plants are the perfect way to bring a bit of greenery to your surrounds, they look great in wall displays or glass globe hangers and because they don’t grow in dirt, there’s no pots that can tip over and make a mess. Air plants are low maintenance, they just needing a spritz of water and sunlight.

Name plaque

A name plaque is a fun addition to your campsite or the front of your caravan. You can make your own or get one professionally made. Choose weather proof materials so you can hang it with pride in any conditions.

Solar lights

Solar lights are an affordable and easy way to create an enchanting night time environment, and are perfect for camping as you don’t need access to electricity. Check out department stores or Bunnings for a great range of fairy lights, lanterns and other decorative lighting options.

Welcome mat

A welcome mat with a fun pattern or message is a great way to make your tent or caravan feel more like a home away from home. Plus it will help keep the dirt and dust outside.


Add a splash of colour with some bunting. It is easy to make yourself, just cut large triangles out of colourful paper or fabric and stitch or glue to a length of cord. It looks great strung along a caravan awning, hung around your campsite or even looped in the trees, and best of all it takes up almost no space so you can roll it up and take it with you.

Memory collection

Find a pretty jar or container for your memory collection (op shops, discount shops and department stores are great places to find inexpensive homewares). Throughout your stay add things you find during your travels, such as pinecones, sea shells, unusually shaped rocks or little trinkets, to your memory collection. It makes a great centre piece while you are on holidays and you can take your collection home as a memento of your journey.

Colourful throw rugs

Pick up some colourful throw rugs to take on holidays with you. They are an easy way to add a splash of personality to any space and can be used for so many things such as a table cloth for picnics, a rug to sit on the grass or to keep warm when the sun goes down.

Wind chimes

There’s nothing quite like relaxing and listening to the gentle tinkle of wind chimes blowing in the breeze. Hang them outside your caravan or even from a nearby tree branch for a melodic touch to your holiday set up.

Try out these fun decorating ideas during your next trip away at one of Ingenia Holidays 21 fabulous holiday locations. We offer a range of cabin, caravan and camping accommodation to suit any style of traveller.