One of the best parts of Christmas is getting together with family and friends and filling your belly with a delicious lunch or dinner. Just because you are camping or caravanning doesn’t mean you can’t whip up an awesome meal these holidays.

Here are some easy ideas for Christmas dinner camping style.

Blue cheese filo parcels

All the deliciousness of a cheese board but minus the washing up. Mix together 150g of crumbled blue cheese, 150g of finely chopped dates and ¼ cup of finely chopped walnuts. Cut filo pastry sheets into 4 strips, add a spoon full of the cheese mixture to each strip and fold into a triangle package, sealing the end with melted butter. Cook the parcels in a fry pan with melted butter for a few minutes on each side until brown and crispy.

Super salads

Salads are easy to prepare and perfect for the hot Aussie weather. Some top combinations include rocket with pine nuts, pear slices, shaved parmesan and balsamic dressing; a simple Caprese with slices of fresh tomatoes, basil leaves and mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and balsamic; barbequed corn tossed with chorizo slices, avocado, capsicum, coriander leaves with a squeeze of lime juice.

Go for fast cook cuts

Instead of that giant turkey or full roast go for faster cook cuts. Try steaks and chops or a butterflied chicken. It will be easier to cook on a campfire or barbeque and will mean less time standing over the heat and more time relaxing for you.

Glazed ham steaks

Glazed ham steaks are a great way to capture the taste of a traditional Christmas without the hassle of baking a whole ham. Mix together ¼ cup of maple syrup with 1 tbs of Dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar and a pinch of ground cloves. Brush the glaze on each side of the ham steaks and cook over a medium heat until cooked through. Turn frequently and brush with the glaze.

Summer seafood

If you are staying near the coast then check out the local seafood markets. Pre-cooked prawns can be enjoyed cold, on ice, and make an easy Chrissie option. If you have some keen anglers in the family, why not head out for some early morning fishing and try to catch yourself some lunch?

Christmas damper

Give your damper a Christmas twist with dried fruit, nuts and spices. Check out this recipe from the Camp Oven Cook. It makes a delicious dessert, afternoon tea or even a breakfast treat, and can be enjoyed with any of your favourite toppings and spreads.

Beer steamed potatoes

Take a leaf out of Martha Stewart’s book and try beer steamed potatoes. They are cooked in a foil pouch on the campfire or barbeque and make a great accompaniment to sausages and steak.

Dessert fondue

Break up two blocks of chocolate in a saucepan and melt over the campfire or barbeque. Be careful as it doesn’t take a lot of heat to melt. Remove from the heat and mix through ¼ cup milk (add more if you like a thinner consistency) and then use forks or skewers to dip marshmallows and pieces of fruit into the chocolate. Yum.

Christmas pudding pancakes

For a quick and easy alternative to the traditional Christmas pudding try pancakes! To your standard pancake batter add 1 tsp of vanilla, cinnamon and mixed spice, 50g of sultanas and a 2 tbs of finely grated orange zest. Cook on a flat plate over the camp fire or on the barbeque. They are delicious served with custard. For camping try a long-life UHT custard which doesn’t need refrigeration before opening.

Summer punch

Pre-freeze a large can of fruit salad in juice and a carton of tropical juice. On the day put the frozen blocks of fruity ice in a punch bowl and top with equal amounts of ginger ale and lemonade. The frozen fruit will keep the punch cold and release chucks of fruit as it melts. Keep topping up with soft drink for cold drinks all day long.

Cook up a Christmas to remember during your Ingenia Holidays getaway at one of our 36 brilliant holiday locations.

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