Car games are a great way to pass the time while on the road. Many a long road trip has been saved with an epic car game session. Whether you are travelling with a partner, group of friends or the whole family, these car games are sure to keep you all entertained.

I Spy

This classic guessing game is great for younger kids and can be played anywhere. One person chooses an object and gives the first letter, ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with….’, then the other passengers try to guess what it is.

20 Questions

20 questions is a popular car game where one player chooses an object (it can be an animal, vegetable or mineral) and the other players try to guess what it is by asking questions that can be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Choose your questions wisely as you can only ask 20 questions. The first person to guess correctly gets to choose the next object.

Car cricket

Car cricket is an Aussie favourite. Take turns being the ‘batter’ and watching the cars that pass in the opposite direction. The batter scores 1 run for each white car that passes, 4 runs for a motorbike and 6 runs for a semi-trailer. When a red car passes that means the current player is out and it is the next person’s turn.


Decide on a category for the round, you can use anything such as animals, celebrities or countries. Take turns naming something from the nominated category. The last letter of a players answer but be the first letter of the next players answer. For example if a player says cat, the next player could say turtle. Go around the car until someone can’t think of an answer and that person is out. Keep playing until you have a winner!

Car bingo

Draw up a car bingo card for each passenger before you leave home, or print them off the internet. You might like to include things like street signs, particular kinds of cars, restaurants or animals and landmarks. Passengers then race to cross off their items and yell Bingo!

Alphabet game

Each player tries to spot words on signs, buildings or landmarks starting with each letter of the alphabet. When players spot a word they must call it out, and no other player can use the same one. You can use any word on a sign, for example ‘Aaron’s Hardware’ could count as an ‘A’ or ‘H’. The first player to make it all the way to ‘Z’ wins.

Six degrees of separation

Test the theory that everyone in the world is connected by up to six degrees of separation, by naming 2 film or TV stars and challenging the other passengers to find the link between them. For example if you wanted to connect William Shatner and Halle Berry: Shatner was in Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock, Bullock was in Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman, Kidman was in Australia with Hugh Jackman and Jackman was in X-Men with Halle Berry.

License plate game

Look at the letters of a passing car and try to make up what the letters might stand for. For example ACG could be ‘Awesome Car Game’! You might like to choose a category for each round such as a band name, sporting team or food. Passengers can vote for their favourite answer to each round and the best one is awarded a point. First player to 10 points wins.

Guess that song

Whenever a new song comes on the radio or on your play list, passengers need to shout of the name of the song and artist. The first one with the correct answer gets a point. See who will be the winner by the end of the journey.

Bad movie trailer

A player chooses a well-known movie and describes the plot in only one sentence. Other players try to guess the movie. Whoever guesses correctly gets a point. If no one can guess the movie, the player giving the ‘bad movie trailer’ gets the point.

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