Embrace the new normal and enjoy a holiday that stimulates all your senses.

For almost two years, life as we knew it has been on hold. Simple pleasures denied. The balance between work and living is skewed. What better way to redress the balance than by swapping being stuck at home with a holiday in the great outdoors.

Feel it

It starts with the little fizz of excitement you feel the moment you book your escape and builds with anticipation as you count down the days. Before you know it you’re feeling the crunch of sand beneath your toes and the cool waves lapping at your feet. That’s when your holiday truly begins. Reconnect with nature as you enjoy the warm sun on your face or the cool shade of the trees and feel your heart warmed with memories created and shared.

Take a dip in the ocean

Hear it

From the squeals of delight of kids at play to the crack of a bat in a game of beach cricket, some sounds bring your holiday senses to life. Like the rustle of leaves on a rainforest walk or the sound of waves crashing on the shore. The pop of a cork or the crack of a can as you relax with a drink after a day well spent and the sound of silence as night sets in far from the buzz of the city.

Kids laughing

Taste it

Holidays are a great excuse to indulge in guilty pleasures. So why not sample the local gourmet fare? Step outside our holiday parks and you’re sure to stumble across wineries, micro-breweries, and artisan makers that will add a little extra flavour to your holiday. Visit the local farmers’ market and try the local specialties. Or try some of ours at parks with onsite restaurants.

Food at V Wall Pavillion
Sample the freshest local produce at our very own V Wall Pavillion

Smell it

Swap traffic fumes for fresh, clean air. Breathe in the salty tang of gentle ocean breezes or the warm, earthy aroma of fallen leaves on a forest hike and feel your soul unwind. And there’s nothing like the scent of snags sizzling on the barbie wafting on the breeze to get your holiday tastebuds tingling.

The smell of the campfire

See it

With holiday parks all along the East Coast, you’ll find world-class sights on your doorstep. Marvel at the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, enjoy vineyard vistas in the Hunter Valley, or dive into the Coral Sea to discover the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Or simply relax and enjoy sea and river views, gaze at the stars in the night sky and take pleasure in the joy on the faces around you.

Take a East Coast road trip
With 39 parks to choose from, we have your next getaway sorted.

Create unforgettable memories and explore great open spaces when you reawaken your holiday senses at Ingenia Holiday Parks.