We’ve all been there, setting off on your much-deserved break and 30 minutes into the drive, disaster strikes! Tantrums are never fun, but let’s face it, neither is a 4-hour car drive for most kiddos. So instead of becoming the worlds-best solo traveler (we know it’s tempting), we’ve come up with our favourite list of tips, to get you and your loved ones from car, to pool bar, with less fuss.

The theme song game

Our top pick, the theme song game! As long as you can carry a general tune, this game is golden. Suitable for adults and children, four and above, the theme song game literally has you humming tunes from your favourite sitcom, Netflix series or movie! The player who guesses the song correctly, hums the next tune.  

Tune in

Podcasts are a great way to keep both parents and kids entertained. We recommend hitting subscribe on the Sesame Street’s podcast; showcasing a range of classic and fun nursery rhymes for some kid-friendly entertainment. When Humpty Dumpty’s timeless end becomes a little to real, try one of our other favourites, ‘Brains On!’ (Kids 6+), or the ABC’s, ‘Short and Curly’ (Kids 4+); both showcase a range of fun and mind boggling topics, such as “Meet Sandy, the left-handed mutant snail” (no, we’re not joking!), to “Is Professor Dumbledore from Harry Potter as great as he seems?” Fun right?!?
For adults, nothing beats a good TED talk, or another firm favourite is ‘The Art of Charm’, which will get you sweet-talking your way into a first-class flight instead!   


A tried-and-true classic. It’s a great way to pass the time and all passengers (driver included) can play! For those who aren’t familiar with this golden oldie, we’ve included a quick breakdown below:

•  Pick your first spy. 

• The spy will need to pick an object from their surroundings that other players can see – don’t tell anyone! 

• The remaining players must guess what it is. 

• Whoever guesses the spy’s object, becomes the next spy.

• Laugh. Play. Repeat!   

Plan pit-stops

Sometimes you want to get straight to your destination, grab yourself an extra strong martini and promptly zone out – we 100% get you! That said, breaking up your trip (apart from being safer), can lead you to discover some hidden gems along the way; from a short nature walk, to a local coffee shop serving the most delicious banana bread you’ve ever tasted!  So before you set off, make some time to Google search some worthwhile pit-stops along the way!  

Carpool karaoke

Think Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, because, honestly, who doesn’t like to sing while driving? Amiright?! Grab a playlist of your favourite songs and take turns belting them out. WARNING: Not suitable for the tone-deaf!    

Snacks… snacks… and more snacks!

Kids, nor even your partner can complain if their mid-chomp on an Oreo cookie. Right? So duck to the shops and stock up!  The chewier the better 😉 

Pack extras

From picnic rugs to blankets and pillows, they’ll make the trip cosier and help you make the most of any unscheduled pit-stop; it might not be virgin first-class, but it’s is a good start.

In the end, if the idea of a road trop is all too hard, there’s always nature soundtracks and Google Earth – visit them in your head!  😉