Affordable kids presents for million dollar memories

Are you scratching your head over what to get the kids this Christmas? Presents don’t need to be extravagant to be a hit this holiday season, we have some great affordable present ideas that are fun for the whole family. We’ve also provided some park suggestions that are perfect destinations to test out your presents these holidays.

Sandcastle Goodies

Nothing spells summer holidays quite like building sandcastles on the beach. A collection of castle building essentials is a great holiday present and can be used by the whole family. Colourful buckets in a range of sizes is a great place to start. Check out the gardening section at your local shops for small trowels and spades, they are often just as affordable as spades from the toy section but are much sturdier to withstand a whole holiday of digging. Different moulds like as starfish, castles, fish or suns can also be a fun addition. Check out your local toy department or use old cake and jelly moulds for fun shapes.
Perfect your sandcastle building skills at Ingenia Holidays One Mile Beach.

Get the whole family involved to build a sandcastle kingdom

Totem Tennis

Totem tennis is always a crowd pleaser, in fact you might be lining up with the kids to have a go too! It is easily packed if you’re heading off on holidays and only needs a small amount of space to set up. It’s great fun for groups, take turns and swap players out when they miss a hit or after an allotted time. It is also a excellent option for solo play, get your child to see how many times they can hit the ball without missing and then see if they can beat their record throughout the holiday.
Play with your present on the open grassy spaces at Ingenia Holidays Soldiers Point.

Fishing Gear

Fishing gear is a great present idea whether you have a pint sized angler at home or if this is the year your child catches their first fish! You can buy rods in range of sizes to suit all ages, including cool colourful designs for kids. If your child is new to fishing there is a good chance you might hit a few snags to start with so a small tackle box with spare hooks, line and sinkers is a good idea. A day out fishing is a great way to spend time with the family and enjoy the outdoors and you might even catch yourself some dinner.
Test run your new fishing gear at Ingenia Holidays Ocean Lake.

Teach the kids to fish these holidays at one of our great waterfront locations


There’s a reason that people have been playing quoits for hundreds of years… it’s brilliant fun! A quoits set is easy to pack if you’re going on holidays, can be played with both indoors and outdoors and will keep the kids entertained for hours. Hold a family tournament to find a holiday champion or play in teams. Will the kids be victorious over the adults?
Pack your set for some holiday fun at Ingenia Holidays Noosa.

Snorkelling Gear

Introduce your kids to the wonders beneath the waves with a snorkelling set including a mask, snorkel and fins. Choose fins with an adjustable heel strap for growing feet as your child will get more wear out of them before having to go up a size. Let your kids practice breathing through a snorkel in the pool before exploring the open water. Calm water locations are best for a snorkelling trip, see who can see spot the most fish or take turns after snorkelling to tell everyone about the most exciting thing they saw saw.
Discover gorgeous snorkelling spots near Ingenia Holidays South West Rocks.

Snorkelling is great fun for the whole family both in the pool and in the ocean


The kids will have a hoot zipping along the bike paths on a scooter. They are a great option for holidays as they are light weight and take up less space in the car than traditional bikes. They are also a brilliant way to get outside with the whole family. You won’t have to worry about little legs getting tired on your next walk as they will be having too much fun gliding along on their scooter.
Test out your scooter on the Bike Mania Track at Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut.


Have you ever flown a kite with your kids? There’s something rather magical about watching a colourful kite soar in the sky and kids will love the challenge of getting it to fly. There are a range of options available from basic one string kites that are ideal for beginners, to multiple string kites that can perform tricks and stunts. The easiest conditions to learn in are when it's breezy with a consistent wind, but not too gusty. Beaches are also a great place to fly a kite in the sea breeze that comes off the water.
Fly your kite at Ingenia Holidays Broulee.

Make the most of the summer breezes and teach the kids to fly a kite


Card games and board games are the gift that keeps giving! Your kids can enjoy hours of fun playing with their friends or share some laughs with a family games night. Small games such as Uno, Yahtzee or even playing cards are a perfect option as they can be played indoors or outdoors and easily fit into your bag to take on holidays or on a picnic.
Have a games session in the relaxing surrounds of Ingenia Holiday Lake Conjola.

Make Sun Smart Fun

Enjoy more holiday fun without the sunburn! Protect your child’s skin with some fun new sun smart clothing. Rashies or sun shirts are perfect for a day at the beach and come in a range of fun colours and designs. Choose hats with a wide brim and some awesome sun glasses. Young kids will love things in their favourite colours or with character prints. For older children, you might like to take them for a ‘shopping day’ and let them choose their own gear.
Try out your new sun smart clothes on the beach at Ingenia Holidays Bonny Hills.


Frisbees are a classic holiday toy for a reason. The whole family can have a ball learning to toss and catch the Frisbee. For younger children, choose soft foam or fabric flying discs to avoid bumps while they are still learning. There are plenty of games you can play from Ultimate Frisbee, which is like soccer where you aim to get the disc into a goal, to Frisbee Bowling where you line up water bottles for pins and try to knock them over.
Practice your throwing and catching in the wide open spaces at Ingenia Holidays Mudgee Valley.

Pack a Frisbee in your bag on your next picnic or holiday for hours of outdoor fun

When choosing presents, go for things that can be used throughout the rest of the holidays and in the future. Games, sports equipment and things you can do as a family are an ideal way to create money can’t buy memories these holidays.