You’ve just seen your friends posting their epic pics from the Easter long weekend break and the FOMO is real. Plus, ever so slowly, you have drifted into a slump that you have no idea how to get out of. Work is stressful, patience with your partner has completely run out and if you hear your child scream your name one more time you may have to drop them at Grandma’s for a sleepover for both your sakes.

You’ve forgotten what that post-holiday glow feels like. No worries – now is the perfect time to pack the car and take off for a break at Ingenia Holidays.

1. You press snooze, and then you snooze 3 more times

Getting out of bed has become the hardest job of the day. It has become so bad that you have actually started speaking to your bed, “I have honestly been thinking about you all day.” That’s not just me right?

2. You cried over spilled milk

Small problems are becoming big dramas. The things you would normally shake off now make you internally scream ‘why me?’ as tears silently roll down your cheek.

3. Negative Nancy

That once bubbly, happy-go-lucky person you used to be is long gone. You washed your hair last night and now you can’t go swimming for 2 days, because effort. The daily routine stops on holidays. BOOK NOW!

4. You don’t want to see other people’s good times

Those travel pics your friends posted, the ones that you once found inspiring and ignited your wanderlust? Not anymore. Now they just fill you with anger. Honestly though, if they post one more picture of their kid who’s 4 and going to more exotic places than you’ve ever been, you are going to lose your mind.

5. 1 glass has turned into 1 bottle

A hard day at work was once resolved over a glass of wine at dinner. Now you’re searching for the bottle opener the moment you walk in the front door. A bottle of wine over the course of the night is no small feat and also a sign you need a vacation.

6. You’re now wearing Hawaiian shirts on the regular

You showed up to casual Friday in your Hawaiian shirt as it’s the closest thing you have to a vacation. Colleagues were also overwhelmed by the smell of coconut oil that hang around long after you had left the pod.

7. Binging on junk food

Your top draw at work looks less like a work space and more like a 7/11. The break out on your face is a clear sign you need a holiday – it’s for your own health and wellbeing!

So before you actually start looking like your passport photo, book yourself a vacation these school holidays. We promise as soon as that confirmation email has come through, you will be dreaming of sun lounges, drink umbrellas and long walks on the beach. So save yourself and book your getaway for the school break with Ingenia Holidays now!