5 reasons to book a holiday park in spring school holidays

Calling all parents.

The parenting book has been totally thrown at you this year – from being tasked with homeschooling to juggling work from home, no daycare and altered school terms to name just a few.

While you’ve managed your way through the best part of 2020, the good news is your next school holiday break is within reach.

If you’re still deciding whether or not to make plans during this upcoming spring school holiday break, we’ve got five reasons to help you decide.


1. Your kids will make new friends

If you’ve ever travelled to a holiday park during school holidays, you’ll know one thing: great minds think alike.

With lots of families with the same idea, your kids will have the opportunity to make new friends, socialise and keep themselves busy so you have time for some much-needed rest.

While your kids are likely to find the company of other kids their age to keep themselves busy and makeup games, if they need a little prompting we’ve got you covered with these holiday activity ideas.

2. It’s your last chance for an extended break before Christmas

Did you know there are roughly 66 days between the end of September school holidays and the start of the Christmas school break?

Two. Whole. Months.

If the thought of another 10 week school term, work and general life routine before your next chance to unwind makes your palms sweaty, now is your chance to reset and rejuvenate to ensure you’re ready to tackle the final school term for the year.

3. There are school holiday activities at our parks

With school holiday programs running at many of our holiday parks during the two-week break, we doubt you’ll hear “I’m bored” or “can I use the iPad” during your stay.

While each holiday park varies with what is on offer, the activities cater for kids of all ages – from colouring-in and chalk art competitions to putt-putt or fishing comps (all COVID-safe of course).

It’s not just about the kids either, with pancake breakfasts, pizza truck nights and s’mores nights held at various holiday parks for parents to partake in too.

For more information on what’s on offer at each holiday park, check out:https://www.ingeniaholidays.com.au/spring2020


4. Warm days, cool nights

Name a better duo than days spent at the beach and a campfire at night? We’ll wait.

Spring school holidays are the perfect opportunity to enjoy these two camping favourites.

With many of our holiday parks enjoying prime beachfront locations or within a few kilometres from the golden sand along the east coast of Australia, you won’t have to travel far to enjoy a day with sand between your toes. We’ve even compiled a list to help steer you in the right direction.

With more daylight hours to spend at the beach, in the holiday park or in nearby national parks, you’ll want to add these beach games or nature play games to your holiday schedule to fill your days.

While spring brings warmer days, the evenings tend to still be cool and are perfect for relaxing in front of the fire with friends and family.

Make the most of the opportunity to cook your evening meals over the coals and plan your campfire cooking menu with this guide.

Don’t forget to add marshmallows to your grocery list too.

5. School holidays = longer break.

With the luxury of time on your side, you can extend your holiday for five days, a week or even two weeks, meaning you won’t be thinking about the car ride home the day after you’ve unpacked the bags.

With extra time up your sleeve, why not try something new and pitch a tent rather than book a cabin? If that sounds like you, make sure you read our first-timers guide to camping to ensure you get the most out of your camping experience.

Now grab that beach towel, sunscreen and book and get ready to relax.