5 Eggciting Easter holiday games

Over the years at Ingenia Holidays, we’ve seen all sorts of Easter egg hunts and games take place throughout our parks. With green, leafy environments and plenty of playgrounds and pathways, we provide the ideal safe environment for children to enjoy the thrill of searching for chocolate eggs.

Did you know, there are plenty of other games you can enjoy at Easter besides the traditional egg hunt? We’ve compiled five fun ideas for you.

ONE: Easter Relay Race 

Children carry eggs on spoons and then transfer the egg to their teammate's spoon. First team to complete the race without breaking their egg wins. These are for real, non-cooked eggs – not the chocolate kind!

TWO: Egg toss 

This is another game which could be messy fun. In pairs, children stand a metre apart and begin tossing and catching an egg between them. At each successful catch, they take a big step backward, so the gap between them grows. If your egg if dropped, your team sits down – until the final winning pair is revealed.

THREE: Sack Race 

Children love sack races. At Easter time, it’s called a bunny hop! You can use pillows for smaller children. If there are no ‘sacks’ available, simply turn this into a hopping or three-legged race.

FOUR: Chopsticks 

Older children may prefer this addictive game. Place a bunch of mini Easter eggs onto a surface. Players can keep any Easter eggs they retrieve with the chopsticks – you may want to set a time limit, or a limit on the number of eggs!

FIVE: It’s The Adults’ Turn

For something different after the traditional children’s Easter egg hunt, have the kids hide some eggs from you! They’ll giggle while watching the adults stumble about trying to find the pesky little treats.

From everyone at Ingenia Holidays – enjoy your Easter!