Let’s face it. Games are an important distraction for children during driving holidays but adults enjoy a game just as much!

So when the kids fall asleep and you’re relaxing with more grown-up family and friends on your caravan and camping holiday, use this list for your fun game inspiration:

1. Glow-in-the-Dark Ring Toss

2. “How many can you name”?

This deceptively simple game becomes extremely competitive and is a hilarious memory test. Sitting in a circle, take turns coming up with a general topic: Capital Cities, Tom Hanks Movies and so on. Then one by one, players must supply an example of that topic. When they can’t name another “Tom Hanks movie” that hasn’t already been named, they’re out! Eventually the winner is revealed.

3. Pass the Water

Each player holds a cup and stands in line. The first player fills their cup with water – all the way to the top, then dumps the water over their head into the next person’s cup. Continue down the line and try to keep as much water possible. This might be a good warm up for limbo!

4. Charades

There’s something about this tried-and-true favourite that gets everybody laughing. Whether you’re good at charades or atrocious at acting, charades is guaranteed to get your group energised.

Of course, you might also want to make some room in your vehicle for favourite boardgames like Pictionary, many of which now come in travel-friendly sizes. And don’t forget the best gaming device of all – a pack of cards!